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Questions, Comments, and Requests through the internet

Please send questions, comments, and requests through the internet here.
We may not be able to respond immediately. Also, all individual questions may not be answered.
Further, please use the JR Central Lost Item Inquiry Form (internet) for inquiries about lost items.

Personal information we receive shall be used within the scope of the objectives below.

  1. (1) Registering to "Orange Box" for inquiries through the internet
  2. (2) Answering customer inquiries and contacting them
  3. (3) Creating statistical data in a way that cannot be used to identify individuals

In addition to the above, obtained personal information may be shared with companies affiliated with JR Central as needed in order to contact customers and answer their inquiries when the inquiries concern such affiliated companies.

Please see "Privacy Policy" for details about the management of personal information.