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TOKAIDO Shinkansen

If you ever come to Japan, you absolutely must ride the ‘Shinkansen’ (bullet train). The Shinkansen is the culmination of Japan’s incredible design skills and technical prowess. This high-speed railway seamlessly connects most of Japan’s major cities, offering a comfortable travel experience at top speed. So, let’s embark on a journey aboard the Shinkansen!


About The Tokaido Shinkansen

Top Speeds 177mph/285km/h

The Shinkansen travels at up to speeds of 177 miles per hour. If you were to take the Shinkansen straight from New York to Los Angeles, you could be there in just 14 hours!

130 minutes from Tokyo to Kyoto

You’ll arrive in Kyoto from Tokyo in about 2 hours, but many customers might say they wish the Shinkansen journey could have been longer!

60 year 0 accidents

There have been zero accidents resulting in fatalities or injuries to passengers onboard since operations commenced.

17 trains per hour

The Shinkansen operates at a frequency of a maximum 17 trains, per hour with a total of 1,319 seats available per train.

Average delay time 0.2 minutes

The Shinkansen strictly adheres to schedule. With an annual operation of 130,000 trains, including delays caused by natural disasters, the average delay per train was 12 seconds (as of 2019).

CO2 emissions = 1/12 of an airplane

The Shinkansen is eco-friendly. There’s no form of mass and high-speed transportation with a smaller carbon footprint than the Shinkansen. It’s also said that the Shinkansen consumes only 1/8 of the fuel compared to an airplane.

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Reasonable fares

for online
reservations available!!

Origin / Destination

-> Kyoto

*One way

Speed class


*The fastest type
of Shinkansen

Ordinary ticket


Online Reservation


*Fare for one adult in ordinary car with reserved seat during regular season.

Quick Registration Easy Booking Quick Registration Easy Booking

Get your tickets
for the Shinkansen.

  • You can use your smartphone
  • and credit card to quickly and easily book seats
  • and purchase Shinkansen tickets!
  • Up to one year prior to departure
  • Both inside and outside of Japan
  • For up to 6 people at once
  • *A compatible credit card is required for initial registration.
  • *There is no annual fee.
  • *Foreign transaction fee prescribed by the credit card company may be charged according to the card you use.

Change reservations

  • As many times as you like
  • Up to 4 minutes before departure
  • Without charge
  • *Free reservation changes are subject to conditions.
  • *Reservations may not be made as expected due to time of day or number of seats remaining.

Use QR-Ticket to make
your travel smooth.

  • NO need to stop at the station counter
  • before boarding the train; simply display
  • your QR-Ticket and go directly
  • to the ticket gate

About your Baggage

Wondering if all your shopping will fit in the overhead baggage rack? Well if the combined dimensions measure less than 160cm – (50cm[W] + 30cm[D] + 80cm[H], that's a whole suitcase by the way) – you'll be fine.
And if you DID overshop, fear not – you can pre-book either a seat with an oversized baggage space, or space in an oversized baggage compartment. This service is free of charge but ONLY when you pre-book. The upper limit for both options is 250cm. Space and flexibility, what more could you ask for?

No reservation required

A+B+C 〜 160cm (62inch)

Reservation required

oversized baggage A+B+C total dimensions between 161 and 250cm (63 and 94inch) ※Baggage with total dimensions exceeding 250cm cannot be brought on the train.

Another option


The "JAPAN RAIL PASS" allows unlimited travel on JR lines throughout Japan, including Shinkansen. The fee for ordinary reserved seats is 50,000 JPY for 7 consecutive days. Please note that if you plan to ride the "Nozomi" Shinkansen, an additional special ticket for the Tokyo-Kyoto one-way trip, priced at 4,960 JPY, is required. Therefore, if you purchase a JAPAN RAIL PASS and use it for a round trip between Tokyo and Kyoto on the Nozomi, the total cost will be 59,920 JPY.

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