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Procurement Results and Main Materials Procured

Material Procurement Information

Procurement Results for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2024

Main Materials Procured

Category Main Materials Results for FY2024
(Biilions of Yen)
Rolling stock and rolling stock components rolling stock / truck equipment / internal combustion rolling stock equipment / wheelset equipment / electrial equipment / brake equipment 797
Power transmission systems power supply parts / transformers / flashlight power supplies / insulators / utility pole parts / trough / electric wires and cables / disconnecting switch parts / rectifier parts / storage battery 418
Rails and other track materials rail / rail fastening parts / sleepers / turnout equipment 170
Signals and communications systems signal parts / relay parts / point switch machine parts / electrical rail crossing parts / computerized interlocking device parts / track circuit parts / network system parts / communications equipment parts / computer-aided traffic control system parts 154
Machinery and work tools track machinery / cargo-handling machinery / fare collection machinery / medical machinery / work tools 76
Fuel and chemical products fuel oil / lubricants / paint / industrial chemicals 22
Miscellaneous materials uniforms / public health medicines / tickets / office supplies 12
Other products steel plate / nonferrous metal / automobile parts 6

Further, please refer to our Key Measures and Capital Investment for major latest projects involving material procurement other than those materials procured on a regular basis.