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How to use the trains

Insert your tickets into the automatic ticket gate.

When entering, please take your ticket that comes out at the opposite side.
When exiting, your ticket will be collected by the automatic ticket gate.

  • The tickets that can be used in the automatic ticket gates have a black magnetic surface on the reverse side.
  • There are tickets which cannot be used in the automatic ticket gates. When you have a Japan Rail Pass, other passes, or tickets with the reverse side is not black, please show them to the station staff.

Automatic ticket gates images

Shinkansen gate

Conventional line gate

When using a Shinkansen

When boarding directly from a Shinkansen station

When boarding directly from a Shinkansen station, please insert your tickets into the Shinkansen ticket gate prior to boarding. Your tickets are required for on-board ticket checks and exiting the station at your destination. Please do not lose or forget to take your tickets.

When transferring between Shinkansen and conventional lines

Please insert your conventional line ticket together with your Shinkansen ticket into the Shinkansen transfer ticket gate to enter the boarding area.

If you have a non-reserved seat ticket, you may need to show your ticket to the conductor on the train.