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Tokai IC Card (TOICA)

Where to purchase

It can be purchased at ticket vending machines with toica sign or ticket offices handling [toica].
Ticket offices handling [toica] are as below.

  • Ticket offices in [toica] card area
  • Part of ticket offices at Tokaido Shinkansen station
  • Cannot be purchased at the ticket offices near the Shinkansen transfer gates.

When purchasing toica

The purchase price is 2,000 yen, including a refundable deposit of 500 yen and an initial amount of 1,500 yen that is loaded onto the card. Only cash is accepted.

Useful features about TOICA

Just touch your toica to the ticket gate! Fare is automatically deducted from your toica.

You can pass through the ticket gates by simply touching your toica card to the card reader on the ticket gate. The fare will be automatically deducted from your card's balance. *If you are using a “toica commuter pass”, a fare on the outside of the commuter pass section will be subtracted.

toica card is reusable.

As toica can be loaded with money to increase the cards balance, it can be used over and over again. Ticket vending machines with the toica mark can be used to load a card up to 20,000 yen.

When using a toica commuter pass, the difference in fare when riding past the covered area is automatically deducted from your card's balance.

If a toica commuter pass is loaded with money, the additional fare will be automatically deducted when riding past the covered areas or getting on from an uncovered station.
It is not possible to use toica card to travel between disjoined IC card areas.

If you register TOICA for EX-service, you can transfer by touching only TOICA to the transfer gate.

Register for Shinkansen Online Reservation Service and board Shinkansen by touching your TOICA.
If you register your credit card and TOICA from your smartphone and make reservations for Shinkansen, you can board by touching your TOICA to the ticket gate. Please refer here for details.

IC card areas where [toica] can be used

For more details about other areas where toica can be used, please see the websites for Kitaca, PASMO, Suica, manaca, PiTaPa, ICOCA, HAYAKAKEN, nimoca, and SUGOCA.

Except for use within the commuter pass section,
[toica] cannot be used when crossing from one IC card area to another.

Please make sure to buy a ticket before entering the gate.

You may use your IC card's balance to buy tickets at ticket vending machines.

  • If ticket vending machines are unavailable, contact a train crew or station staff.
  • If you travel from one area to another, please inform a train crew or station staff at the station of arrival.

Symbol for IC cards that are compatible across Japan.

Your toica can be used on trains, buses, and at stores that have this symbol.

It also can be used for shopping.

Toica can be used at stores and vending machines that feature symbols like the one on the right. You can also use it at the store that accept Kitaca, PASMO, Suica, manaca, ICOCA, HAYAKAKEN, nimoca, and SUGOCA.

  • Toica cards cannot be used for split payments with cash and/ or other IC cards (E-money)
  • PiTaPa is not covered by this service.