Since ancient times, Japanese people have found gods in the workings of nature.
The deep mountains, which are inaccessible to humans, are like "other worlds",
where one can encounter the gods and Buddha.
The Kii Peninsula, which is mostly covered with mountains and forests,
is home to many of these other worlds.
People have dared to be sucked into this land
in order to encounter something, to feel something.
The magnificent nature, the pilgrimage routes conveying the deep faith of the people,
and the presence of the gods and Buddha....
What will you encounter in the Kii Peninsula?

"This is a place where waves from the everlasting land beyond the sea come. And this is a land of abundance. I want to stay here forever." This is what the sun goddess said when she arrived at Ise about 2,000 years ago.

As we travel south by train from Ise along the coast, the mountains close in on the sea, and the flatlands are extremely few, this is how we know that we are entering "Kumano" - a mountainous area where gods and Buddha reside. Kumano, a region in the southern part of the Kii Mountain filled with faith, has been known by that name since the time of mythology.

The Kiiji Route, the western route of the Kumano Pilgrimage, passes along the sunny southern seaside road and then dips into the heart of the mountainous region from the Tanabe and Shirahama areas. It is a heavenly pilgrimage route all the way to Shirahama.