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Material Procurement Inquiries

After listing the following items, please forward your inquiry by email to procurement@jr-central.co.jp.

  1. 1 Company name (trade name)
  2. 2 Location of head office (address and postal code)
  3. 3 Materials you desire to supply (specific description of material, specifications of products, estimated price, records of previous deliveries and production base)
  4. 4 Name of person in charge (department, position, name, address, postal code, telephone number, and email address)
  5. 5 Other information (your website, if available)
  • The information submitted will be used only for review of new business transactions.
  • Please forward your business application in Japanese.
  • A satisfactory description of the required information is necessary for supplier registration.
  • This email address is only for inquiries about material procurement. We will not respond to emails irrelevant to material procurement.