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High-speed railway deployments overseas

JR Central offers consultation to overseas high-speed railway projects by utilizing our comprehensive technologies regarding the highest level high-speed railway system in the world. JR Central believes that the overseas deployment of its high-speed railway system will be a meaningful project that enables Japanese manufacturers to maintain and strengthen their technology and skills through the expansion of the international high-speed railway market, and it also leads to the stable provision of equipment, and the technological innovation and cost reduction of railway-related equipment.
We target countries and regions that can be expected to introduce total systems involving new high-speed passenger railway lines in which JR Central's superior high-speed railway systems can be used to their full potential.
Furthermore, we realize the need for target countries and regions to have a complete legal system where intellectual property rights and the sanctity of agreements are established as socially-accepted ideas, a stable political situation, and an economic power that is able to invest in large-scale infrastructure investments. Therefore, the U.S. is our current main target for marketing activities.

JR Central promotes a consulting business as part of the overseas expansion of high-speed railway systems in which JR Central itself does not lead implementing body of development projects. JR Central proposes the deployment of high-speed railway as a total system, which includes civil engineering structures, tracks, electrical equipment, signaling equipment, rolling stock, operation management systems, maintenance and repairing, etc., to overseas markets. When overseas high-speed railway projects become concrete, we not only coordinate with relevant Japanese companies but also provide support and consultation to ensure safe and reliable operation of the high-speed railway by supplying various manuals regarding operations/maintenance, and conducting education/training for staff, etc.

JR Central is proposing high-speed railway systems called the “N700-I Bullet” and “SCMAGLEV” to overseas markets. The N700-I Bullet is a Tokaido Shinkansen total system based on the principle of “Crash Avoidance” of which the Series N700 rolling stock is the main component. The SCMAGLEV is a Superconducting Maglev System developed by JR Central that can realize commercial services at a speed of 500km/h.