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About the Shinkansen

Since its inauguration in 1964, approximately 6.4 billion people have used the Tokaido Shinkansen, the transportation artery linking Japan’s three largest metropolitan areas, Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. The Tokaido Shinkansen has literally supported Japan’ s economic growth. We will continue operating Japan’s main transportation artery while ensuring safe and reliable transportation as the first priority.

Safety: 0 accidents

  • No accidents resulting in fatalities or injuries of passengers on board since operations commenced
  • Improvement of safety awareness and skills through human resources education and training
  • Continual investment in safety-related facilities

Punctuality: 0.9 minutes

  • Average delay time: 0.9 minutes / 1 train in service

    Results for FY2021. Including delays caused by natural disasters, etc.

High Speeds: 285 km/h

  • Maximum speed: 285 km/h
  • Tokyo ~ Shin-Osaka: 2 hours 22 minutes

    Accurate as of the March 2022 timetable revision (travel time based on the fastest trains in service)

High Frequency and High Capacity: 336 services, 229,000 passengers

  • Number of train services per day: 336

    Results for FY2018 (including extra trains)

  • Number of passengers per day: 229,000

    Results for FY2021

  • Number of seating available: 1,323 seats/train

Environmental feasibility: Approx. 1/8 Approx. 1/12

  • The energy consumption amount per seat when traveling between
    Tokyo and Osaka is approximately 1/8th of that of an aircraft
  • The CO2 emission rate for the same is around 1/12th


  • Wide open, quiet space