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Consolidated Subsidiaries

Consolidated Subsidiaries

Segment Company Name Capital
(Millions of yen)
Transportation JRTOKAI LOGISTICS COMPANY 300 90.0 Logistics business
JR Tokai Bus Company 100 100.0 Bus services
Tokai Transport Service Company 100 100.0 Railway business
and Other
JR Tokai Takashimaya Co., Ltd. 10,000 60.4 Department store operations
JR Central Retailing Plus Co., Ltd. 700 100.0 Food and beverage sales
Wholesale and retail sales
JR Tokai Food Service Co., Ltd. 100 51.6 Food and beverage sales
JR Tokai Corporation 100 70.0 Wholesale and retail sales
Real Estate JR CENTRAL BUILDING CO., LTD. 45,000 100.0 Real estate leasing
JR Tokai Real Estate Co., Ltd. 16,500 100.0 Real estate leasing and sales
Shin-Yokohama Station Development Co., Ltd. 9,304 100.0 Real estate leasing
Tokyo Station Development Co., Ltd. 1,750 100.0 Real estate leasing
Shizuoka Terminal Development Co., Ltd. 624 70.5 Real estate leasing
HAMAMATSU TERMINAL DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. 600 76.8 Real estate leasing
Nagoya Station Area Development Corporation 480 100.0 Real estate leasing
Toyohashi Station Building Co., Ltd. 100 57.5 Real estate leasing
JR Development and Management Corporation of Kansai 30 100.0 Real estate leasing
Other JR Tokai Hotels Co., Ltd. 100 100.0 Hotel business
JR Tokai Tours 100 99.0 Travel agency services
JR TOKAI AGENCY CO., LTD. 61 90.0 Advertising
NIPPON SHARYO, LTD. 11,810 51.2 Manufacturing of railway rolling stock
JR TOKAI CONSTRUCTION Co., Ltd. 300 100.0 Construction
JR TOKAI Information Systems Company 100 100.0 Development, improvement and maintenance of computer system
Nippon Kikai Hosen Co., Ltd. 100 92.1 Track maintenance
CHUOH LINEN SUPPLY Co., Ltd. 100 87.6 Linen supply services
JR Central Financial Management Co., Ltd. 80 100.0 Contracted accounting operations and financial business
Tokai Rolling Stock & Machinery Co., Ltd. 80 88.4 Rolling stock and machinery maintenance
JR Central Consultants Company 50 100.0 Construction consulting business


Two affiliated companies, SHINSEI TECHNOS CO., LTD. and RAILWAY INFORMATION SYSTEMS CO., LTD., are accounted for by the equity method.

(as of July 1st,2024)